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MAY 1 2020

The Employee is on Steam ! You can wishlist and try the demo ! The release date is still MAY 28. Additionally, you can follow my other works on

steam OK

APR 20 2020

I added 6 Steam achievements that will be unlocked during your game progression. As a reminder, The Employee will be available on Steam MAY 28 (8:00PM) for 8.99 $ (-10% on release day). Promotion on social networks will begin soon. For any question or query, feel free to say hi :


APR 17 2020

3 months later, it's not perfect but the game is good to go to Steam. The release date is scheduled MAY 28 on Steam ! You will be able to "wishlist" the game soon. The test program is not over, you can still try a demo and send feedback. Also, a feedback button will appear in the game and redirect you to a short survey.


APR 15 2020

You won't really be able write what you want on that board, but that was fun to do! I will probably add more functionnalities later. I have also added a new mini-game in the computer, you'll have to resolve a - not so hard - calculus. A lot of bugs have been fixed and the final version is near. (the game will, of course, be improved again. There will be updates)



APR 12 2020

The game is done, I'm currently working on details and nice functions like the user profile creation and a money system. You now have to pay if you want to eat or drink (that's actually realistic...).

A new panel (Settings), available from the pause menu, allows the player to remove the blur effect.


APR 8 2020

Configuring the Steam page and enjoying quarantine...

If you want to join the test program, send an email to

Steam page

APR 2 2020

Here are the controls.


MAR 31 2020

More items for you to throw away and new animation on mobs when hit. Added more consequences if you forget to poo, you will lose more self-esteem and you won't be able to use vending machines unless you fix the problem.

If you want to try the game and get a demo before everyone (first builds are ready), simply send an email to

More Items

MAR 25 2020

Added some post-processing effects, like anti-aliasing, additional fog and blurry depth-of-field. Also added a "draw always" system that allows to make some items "clear" and not enter inside walls.

If you're smart enough, you'll have the chance to visit the Space Center beside your office, maybe poison everyone with a virus and kill everyone to save them from pain. I won't say more, to not spoil.

Demo coming MAR 31.


MAR 12 2020

Working on a digicode system to open the most important door of the game, allowing you to pick up an item that could save your life, the code is generated randomly (between 10000 and 99999) every time you will start a new game.

Thinking about maybe including letters too in the generated code.


MAR 7 2020

Currently working on a photocopier system. That will part of a mission given by a colleague. The phocopier will need to be repaired to be used and you'll need a special item to repair it. Not very exciting, right? XD This item is just part of a mission and for decoration purpose.


I'm planning to finish a playable demo for the end of this month (march 2020), the demo will be given to some testers, if you want to take part in the tests and join the adventure, a form will be available soon to access the downloads.

Do you think you would make a good employee ? Not ready to work and show motivation? Then you can stay unemployed, punk !

FEB 28 2020

Some work on the gun system. I think I have a good result now. I have used four particle systems for the explosion and the cubed-blood. The pool of blood is made with simple planes with rounded 2D shapes. I should work on some "camera shake" or something.


FEB 21 2020

I have found a way to optimize meshes by combining several gameobjects. When you build things directly into Unity - and not with a modeling software - each shape will have his own bag of meshes (vertices, edges and faces). By combining them, I was able to get only one mesh for a combination of several objects. That method allowed me to increase the framerate (frame per second) and save a lot of space.

code 2

FEB 19 2020

Time to work on the narration and the story. If you remember, you play as "The Employee", you applied for a job offer as a web developer in a big company and your first day has come.

job offer

The game starts with two decisions : sign the contract or not sign. If you sign, you'll be invited to discover your office and asked to start working, the game begins. If you decline, well, you'll see...

All missions given by the other employees are now coded and implemented (12 missions for now). Note that those missions are just a pretext to make you realize that they don't respect you, or they ask you for tasks that you're not supposed to do. Still have to think what will happen next, just before the second part of the game, when things turn bad !


FEB 13 2020

This is the screen of the player's computer. The three first sections are dedicated to "work", a series of simple mini-games around the theme of "coding", "classify" and "debug". To make mini-games inside a game is something that I wanted to do for a long time. Each activity only has one level for now, you can restart the level as much as you want.


minegame 1

The 4th mini-game is a basic 2D platformer. The mini-player has to find a way to reach the "exit" logo. There are traps and hidden mechanics. Succeeding all those activities will make you get happiness points.

minigame 2

FEB 8 2020

A lot of work on the outside environment has been done. Note the use of an intense grey fog. I deliberatly choose a sky without sun, only grey everywhere. You will be able to walk on specific zones but not that far around the office (for now).

Yeah, you will play basketball and that will increase your happiness point (but don't forget the coffee break or you will get stuck ;)). More things to come but some things have to stay secret until you actually play the game.



FEB 2 2020

I finally created it : the paper ball system. Stand in front of a sheet of paper, right clic to turn it into a ball, left clic to grab the paper ball, and left clic again to throw the paper ball. Nice and simple. I'm working now on how it will interact with employees and objects.

Still got problems with the shadow, will fix it later.



I also finished the save system. I'm using EasySave2 from the Asset Store because it allows encryption so it makes it impossible (I guess) to cheat. The player can save anytime in the "pause" panel. I also made an auto-save function each time you talk with someone (at the end of the conversation).

JAN 31 2020

I took some time to work on the computers, they all works but you will probably be able to interact only with the computer in your own office. That part of the game will be very important. I want to implement mini-games on the computer, the player will have the choice to « work » or not and get more informations (and for exemple save the game or your inventory or whatever).


The kitchen is now ready to welcome you if you want to eat (microwave, fridge), make a coffee (for you or for another employee), wash your hands and other things… Everything is basic but it works and it’s done.


JAN 28 2020

Creation of first missions and how to interact with another employee. The controls must be simple, so the basic interaction with people (and objects) will be left clic or right clic. I don’t want people to get tired with the controls. Still have to decide what is the prefered way for character movement (WASD seems legit but not everyone is using those keys).

In addition to the arrow keys from your computer, I probably should implement a system where you can change the keys yourself. Not sure how to accomplish that yet.

mission panel

JAN 24 2020

Working on biometric parameters, you have to eat, drink soda, go to the toilet, wash your hands, drink coffee... You’ll have to interact to satisfy your needs. I should probably add a happiness countdown. Everything should not be as complicated to handle as games like The Sims, it has to stay simple and this game mechanic is set to make it fun and immersive.

Edit : It’s working. All countdowns have different delays (between 6 and 12 seconds before decrease from 99% to 0).


Other goal of the day : to build a vending machine that works for real ! The can of soda falls with gravity and appears below, same with the snacks. I made two simple animations, one for the pushing can and one for the pushed one. I still don’t know if you’ll have to use credit or it’s gonna be free.

If you eat or drink, that will increase your « drink » and « eat » points. It actually goes to 99%. Still have to decide what will happen when it reaches to 0.

JAN 21 2020

Walking inside the structure is fun and enjoyable. I'm thinking about all those doors I still have to build, the triggers have to detect the player but also the other employees if they want to open a door. The player will use right clic to knock at the door and left clic to open the door. For the employees, the door will open automatically as soon as they are triggered.


JAN 19 2020

Time for character creation. I started with somethig simple, inside Unity with primitive shapes. Initially created as a protoype, I think I got there a good start and that low-poly design could be the design of the whole game. Not something too much realistic but funny. The characters have no mouth, no nose and no ears, only two blinking eyes.

I will make more characters derived from this one (changing colors and accessories) and also make women…


JAN 18 2020

Today I build basic structures for the office, the terrain and I implemented the default Unity controller that allows the player to move in 3D (+ mouse look). I’m already experiencing decreasing framerate, some part of the building are even less than 30 fps. I know that’s because there’s already too much meshes in the scene and I’ll have to find a way to optimize that.


JAN 15 2020

It’s been a long time since I want to make a game where the action takes place in a office. My recent activities related to office stuff offer more ideas and the strength to finish a game project. Those following me know that I have started several game projects, in a learning purpose first, and I could never finish those game ideas and I finally know why. The lack of preparation and knowledge is a thing, but the most important, I wanted to add every idea I had, every mechanic I learn and it was wrong because the games finally had no real wired thread and a big problem with narration.

Another important thing to focus on is to stay « simple » and make a small game with a start, a middle and an end, that is humanly possible to develop as a solo dev.

So, I have to start from the beginning. The idea is simple : you apply for a job offer (as a web developer) in a big company, you are « The Employee ». In your office, there would be a lot of things to do (eat, drink, play, poo ?) like a real life simulation. The player could use computers and interact with his 3D environnement (for exemple, throwing objects like a paper ball).

The main plot is that you realize, after a while, that you’re not really « useful » because your colleagues ask you to complete stupid tasks (go there, pick up that), so you decide to kill everyone. Simple. I still don’t know if you decide to kill everyone anytime or after a particular moment of the game (for exemple, if you got fired).

I have everything in my head, let’s start coding in Unity. For this project I will use my current Unity version (2018.1.5f1) and Visual Studio.

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